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828 Listings Vital Stats

If you are buying or selling property in the 828 area code, here are some important stats you could use! You will see some interesting trends in our area!

We know that you’ll love your next 828 home purchase!

List-to-Sell Ratio


Closed Days on Market


Homes for Sale


Median Sale Price


Distressed Sales


Active Days on Market


Median Sales Price


Homes for Sale


Year-to-Date Closed Sales


828 Listings Tools You Can Use

When shopping to buy or sell your property in the 828 area code, you may want more detailed or more nuanced information. If the above are the general statistics, below are resources for you to discover more detailed, more nuanced data.

Housing Market Sortable Statistics

Want to peruse more detailed statistics about the 828 housing market?

Want to sort by county? By community?

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Care to Search the Latest Sales Data

Sometimes you may want to peruse the latest sales. It could help you craft your offer, or speak in more detail with your agent.

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